Secure Your Personal Finance

Remember, to secure your future by not borrowing money unless necessary because you will rob yourself of your future.

Never extend your personal finance to those without a plan for their future when the person already have a vehicle or an instrument for success but refuses to use it carefully and/or prayerfully.

Be viligent and secure your future by breaking cycles of failure(s).

Until next time, budget with a rule, that is, do not exceed your budget because rainy days are ahead.

Preserve Your Work, Sow & Grow

As you sow through working smarter, don't get weary when the endeavors you are pursuing will make a difference in your life and others.

Yes, there's a season of time that will come to bring you favor and overall success if you never give up or faint doing well in your desired endeavors.

Your sowing into what you believe to be authenic desires shall drive you into progressive success without failures to overcome. Let your sowing reap a harvest of good by moving aways from sounds and atmospheres of negativity that results in doubt and unforseen failures.

Work Inspired by Infinity of Wisdom

Walk slow through life with achievements that are sustainable and is far reaching in the lives of others as well.

Do not forsake wisdom because it is all you have for sustainable success in your life. If you honor wisdom, wisdom will protect and watch over you.

However, "The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding."

Wisdom instructs in HOW, WHEN, and WAYS to successfully execute after training have acheived its mission of knowledge building.


The experiences shared provides evidence of our extraordinary mission unveiled. Our mission is driven by those engaged in our economic growth initiatives.

I've found this organization to be of sound integrity when helping those to reach their desired potential.

Devansh Bhavin

CEO of RTS Inc.

After loosing hope in life while pursuing the right career, I turned to this organization to find a suitable career fit. Yes, I happy today and moving forward.

Amare Ode

The help and resources found in changing my life also changed the life of my family's financial future. Poverty is no longer part of my life.

Patricia Clark

 Highlights of Honor

It is our Partners that make dreams come true for many of those engaged with iJoshua Initiative.

iJoshua continues to provide economic opportunities and content rich resources for new entrepreneurs seeking increase of weekly incomes, retirement incomes, or sustainable economic lifestyles.

iJoshua works with many businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and other domestic organizations to help address complex challenges for all. It's not only in their financial generosity that makes a difference, but it's in the sustainable creative ideas including the power of volunteerism. We receive also in-kind assistance and support to build a stronger community of families resulting in their desired outcomes.

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